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Koi Lovers from any part of the world are invited to join our Koi Forum to discuss anything about Koi. 
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KOI Club Membership
Introduction to Malaysia Koi Club.
Koi Lovers in Malaysia may wish to join ZNA Koi Club, KL Chapter. Join the KOI Club now

Pond Construction
Mr. Hans Ham, an experience Koi lover who has written an article on Koi Pond Construction.
Click here to read the full article. 
Testing of Pond Water
A detail description on the testing of water in KOI  pond. Good for beginner as well as experienced
Keeping Koi in Tropical Countries
Points to be considered when keeping KOI in tropical climate such as country like Malaysia
Standard for Judging Nishikigoi
A detail description on the standard for judging KOI in Koi show is outlined here. Very informative and will be useful in guiding experience KOI keeper in  KOI selection.
Beginner's guide on buying KOI.

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KOI Dealers in Malaysia
List of KOI Dealers in Malaysia is listed here for the convenience of Malaysia Koi Lovers.

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Algae Remover which can be used for Algae Prevention in Koi Pond, Garden Pond, Aquarium and more.

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Discuss on the use of Trickle Filter for your koi pond to reduce nitrate. 
An ideal 12 tons pond and filter system for koi beginners by Mr. Eric Lim.
Take a look at Mr David Ngie's 100 tons pond. The overall construction was documented and published here for our visitors. For comments and suggestion, please post your message here.
Our active forum member Mr. Frank Chong has written an article on koi pond. You may wish to read through and tell us your opinion !!
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Ammonia, Zeolite and UV  
The perfect filter for Koi Pond  
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Steps of setting up a new pond 
Which is the best filter media 
How to start keeping good bacteria in a new pond filter 
Vortex Filter  
UV Sterilizer for Pond Filter
Pond Filter Construction
Filter Matt arrangement in Pond Filter  
Rebuilding my pond back in Jakarta, Indonesia  
Bubble Bead Filter  
DIY PP Bead Filter   
How to build Bio Filter 
Filter Brushes 
Discussion on Turbo Cleaner 
Why call Wet / Dry Filter (Trickle Filter) if Dry is better
Safe way to lower the pH value of pond water
Common Salt - What are the disease it does not treat
NaCl, The use of Common Salt is treating sick Koi
How to reduce Nitrate Level and treat Ulcers
Wish to treat Anchor Worm, which one is better
How to bomb your pond with KMN04, Potassium Permanganate
Baking Powder and Baking Soda

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