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Beginners' Guide on Buying KOI

How to by KOI

To start on the hobby, a beginner may want to know how to buy a koi. When purchasing koi, you have your selections placed in a shallow pan so that any diseases or defects can be notice.

Inspecting KOI

Swimming movement, should be smooth and active. Gill plate close to body and both moving slowly and regularly. Avoid KOI with redness on skin, white spot, raised  scales, cloudily eyes, fin rot, lacerations and parasites.

There is no set price for Nishikigoi. The seller and the buyer will decide a price depending on the knowledge of both. The price vary according to their size, quality and condition.

Requirement to be considered when selecting KOI are as follow :-

  1. Good body conformation
  2. Good shining skin
  3. Sharp pattern edge (Kiwa)
  4. Evenness of colour in the pattern
  5. Overall well balanced pattern.

Pond condition and environment can change the condition of the Koi. An expensive and beautiful fish can loose its colour in six months because of poorly conditioned pond. A pond with a good system, the colour will deeped and become beautiful. The knowledge of a dealer and KOI keeper determine the future of the fish.

Transporting KOI

Check polubags holding KOI is sufficiently large enough to contain the KOI conformably. Ask for two bags. Bags should be oxygenated. Place KOI in a confortable and secure place while transporting KOI in car. Keep KOI away from heat.

Once the KOI reach the destinated pond, do not release the KOI directly into the pond. Float the bag (with KOI inside) in the pond water for about an hour to equalise the temperature of water inside and outside the bag.

Quarantine KOI

When you arrive at home. do not place your newly purchase KOI in to main pond immediately. Instead, the KOI should go the quarantine pond where the fish will have to kept for a period of four to six weeks to ensure that the KOI is clear of any undesired disease or parasite before putting it into the main pond.


This article is written in brief as an introduction for those who want to start on the hobby immediately. There are still a lot to be learnt on the this subject. If you have any further question, just post your  questions to the KOI forum.


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