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Pond of David Ngie

The following pages display photographs submitted by Mr David Ngie, a regular visitor to our forum. You can contact David by posting at our forum.

The pond is  in general has a water volume of 100 tons and  pond depth ranging from 1m to 1.7m with two uniring at the deeper part of the pond. The pond is supported by a filter of 50 tons in size.

Filter material consist of brushes and carlnet for the settlement chambers, some stone and coral for biofilter, a sand filter to perform the final polishing of the water.

The following 19 pages (inclusive of this page) show the photographs taken during the construction of pond till completion.

Let take a virtual tour of David's pond right from here. Enjoy !!

The KOI Pond Construction Details

KOIPROJECT.GIF (42072 bytes)

Pond Size = 100 tons
Filter Size = 50 tons



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