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Introduction to Malaysia Koi Club
Malaysia Koi Club was formed in late 1996 as a club affiliated to ZNA Japan, or simply as an oversea chapter of ZNA Japan. ZNA is an abbreviation of ZEN NIPPON ARINKAI   in Japanese, or  ALL JAPAN HOBBYIST CLUB in English.

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Club Committee Members

As an affiliated club, we get all the necessary technical information and advice from ZNA Japan on the hobby of rearing KOI. All the office bearers of ZNA Japan are very experienced Koi hobbyists who have many years of experience rearing Koi. The committee members of our Club are constantly trying to update their knowledge on Koi keeping and hence they can also in some small ways try to help fellow members to solve their practical problems like pond construction, pond modification, filter system, improving water quality, common fish diseases, etc...

It is our Club's philosophy to give personal attention to members' problems. Members can call up the designated person in our Technical Section for advice or discussion on any practical problem. Similarly, Members cal also post their problem on the Malaysia Koi Forum to have the question answered.

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Pond Visit

In general, Members can fully benefited from the following free advice and activities currently undertaken by the Clubs :-

  1. Technical consultation services.
  2. Pond Visits
    These are visits to members' pond organized by our Club on regular basis whereby all members can bring their families to interact with other members, to see other members' pond and fish so as to exchange ideas and information on the koi keeping hobby.

  3. Technical bulletins on Koi keeping topics.

  4. Questions on specific topics from members and answers from ZNA Japan experts for members' information.

  5. Library Service
    Members can borrow books or magazines from a small library collection which we hope will expand in due course.


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