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Standard for Judging Koi

by Wong Kim Sun

(1) Figure (30 Marks)

Important factors to consider are the figure and style of swimming.

Both sides of the KOI should be symmetrical. However certain abnormalities may be accepted such as swollen abdomen or caved surface of head.

KOI lacking in certain features such as a missing eye or fin will be disqualified.

Further points to consider :-
  • Straight Line Of Back Bone And Proper Curves.
    • Line of backbone should be straight when seen from above.
    • From side view, the top and bottom lines should form proper and smooth curves.
    • The KOI, when swimming, should not be twisting.

  • Beautiful Fins.
    • Fins that are beautiful and slightly larger than the body are most ideal.
    • Pectoral fins, being the most important feature, should be large and free from defects and diseases. Other fins to look out for are caudal fins, dausal fins and anal fins.

  • Well-Shaped Head
    • Deformations to watch out for are extremities of turned - up nose, large jaw line which causes large and squarish head and deformation of the mouth and gill.
    • Eyes, mouth and jaws are to be well-shaped.

  • Well-Balanced Height, Length and Breadth
    • The higher the ratio of length to height, the better.
    • Ideal ratio for most well - balanced KOI are in the region of 1 to 3.0 (Ratio of Height Length)

(2) Colour (20 Marks

Colours should be clear and pure with no stains or spots.

Points are given for "HI" markings which are clearly marked, uniform and even with red scales and no white spots. Markings are preferred to be bright, thick with yellowish brown tint.

"SUMI" marking which are roundish and pitch - dark colours with bright lustre appearance will score higher marks.

(3) Pattern (20 Marks)

Markings are to be well-balanced

Mouth and tail region should be white

Patterns on the head and shoulder are the factors to consider in this category

"Hi" marking on the head should be widely spread and shaped attractively.

A white out on the neck is ideal for a kohaku and a "Sumi" marking for a Sanke.

A white patch should be found on the tail region but no heavy looking.

"Sumi" marking on the tail region or plain red tail is considered to be undesirable.

(4) Quality (10 Marks)

The KOI are judge by combination of its overall quality in its synthesis of the white texture, "HI" and "SUMI" markings and the figure

(5) Elegance (10 Marks)

Elegance involves good quality with excellent figure and beautiful pattern

(6) Imposing Appearance (10 Marks)

The size and imposing appearance are the elements to consider

The larger but no overweight KOI are preferred.

The most ideal combination will be KOI with an imposing and elegant appearance.


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