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While there are many Koi books for sale in book stores, we  strongly suggest that Koi beginners to purchase some of  the following books, the Koi Kichi in particular, to learn up the skill of Koi keeping and pond construction before attempt  to proceed to keep koi in a big scale.

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Koi : Everything About Selection, Care, Nutrition, Diseases, Breeding, Pond Design and Maintenance, and Popular Aquatic Plants (Barron's Complete Pet)
by George C. Blasiola

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Koi Kichi
by Peter Waddington
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The Only Koi Book You'll Need to Buy!

Koi Kichi is a tremendous contribution to the hobby. It is also a beautiful book of commanding size and weight. This is a complete guide for beginning koi keepers and old hands alike. Waddington's recommedations are helpful and his koi stories are entertaining for the koi-keeper and non-koi-keeper

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The Tetra Encyclopedia of Koi
by Tetra Press Staff

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Koi Breeding
by Shmuel Rothbard

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The Professional's Book of Koi
by Anmarie Barrie


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