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Points to Consider When KOI in Tropical Climate
The following is the summary of the main points to consider when rearing koi is a tropical climate such as Malaysia :-

A filter system that removes all mechanical debris and waste on daily basis efficiently.
A pond depth of minimum 5 feet to cut down harmful temperature fluctuation.
Partial water change (10%) daily. Keep nitrate level as low as possible.
To have maximum oxygen content, at least 8ppm.
No over stocking (not too many fish).
No over feeding.
Sunshine 30% to 40%. A shade or cover is ideal.
High level of nitrate and subshine can promote algae blooms, known as green water. To  have up to 10% and 20% water change daily over several days until level of nitrate is reduced.
In tropical climate, koi are more active and readily eating food. This s in turn generate more waste and toxicity which most of the filter system cannot deal with, thus resulting in rapid deterioration in water quality. We can quickly be faced with a situation where parasites and bacteria are multiplying rapidly adversely affecting the health of our koi. 


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